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Butcher’s block - Aug. 21, 2013

I have a good friend who has been in the catering business for a number of years. She often says when she hires employees she is very upfront and says, there is no crying in catering! I know to those outside the business this may sound a bit peculiar, but believe me it is a motto to live by. Prime example would be what happened to me at an event this week. After hours in the kitchen, another hour setting up a buffet in the hot sun, and a 45 minute delay before the event started, I was out of patience. While waiting on the party to begin a very important detail had been overlooked: Sprinklers! All of a sudden sprinklers begin shooting out of the ground from every corner. As myself and my staff begin running to divert the sprinkler heads away from the buffet line, that is one moment I wanted to cry in catering!

There are so many things that go into preparing for a party. Whether the event is a party for several hundred or a small intimate dinner no detail should be overlooked. Here are a few party planning tips to help ensure your event is a success!

1) Know your guests – Plan an evening based on what your guests will enjoy, not necessarily on what you would like.

2) Plan your menu accordingly – Know if there are any special dietary or religious needs in your group. There is nothing worse than a guest feeling isolated because they cannot partake in what the rest of the group is eating.

3) Be a gracious host or hostess. – Don’t hover around the buffet line or the bar watching your guests. Allow for plenty of food and drink. Nobody likes a stingy host!

Happy planning!