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CES recognizes honor students

Cedarville Elementary School has announced its honor students for the fourth nine-weeks period. They are:

Perfect attendance

Kindergarten: Destani Meadows, Joella Horn, Nicholle Smith, Kaeleigh Bremner, Shawn Frisbie, Iris Gaither, Lindsey Henry, Annaliese Schader and Aero Walton.

First grade: Taylor Fleming, Andrew Payne, Taryn Smith, Audrey Chaisson, Lane Garner, Gracee House, Raven Merechka and Lillian Ming.

Second grade: Jaclyn Almanza, Makalie Carter, Isaac Garnaat, Carson Riley, Laila Adams, Hailey Cook, Caroline Morrow, Miranda Pixley, Nathan Prater and Briley Small.

Third grade: Andrew Mendoza, Tristyn Cagle, Jace Baker, Tannah Larue, Sarah Pham, Montana Wesley and Kai Leigh Gregory.

Fourth grade: Hayden Fleming, Regan Neal, Landon Vrentas, Cody Dickens, Kirsten Garner, Jordan Hightower, Liz McTyre, Rayden Mullis, Hayden Partain, Mattison May, Ransom Merechka, Christopher Ming, Ty Skelton and Madison Wesley.

Superintendent’s list

First grade: Nathaniel Belt, Maci Deal, Micah Espinosa, Taylor Fleming, Kinsey Franklin, Brady Hightower, Harley Lane, Kali Perew, Taryn Smith, Aaron Conger, Cade Cross, Madilyn Deal, Xavier Estes, Lane Garner, Gracee House, William (Blake) McGill, Lillian Ming, Jaci Odom, Chandler Pemberton, Hope Arnold, Abby Brown, Erin Fleming, Guner Gabbard, Rylee Partain, Sammie Sabin, Layton Worst, Mark Deal and Keith Clenney.

Second grade: Jaclyn Almanza, Noah Easley, Zachary Heckard, Reese Merechka, Emily Mizell, Hailey Myers, Jonah Henderson, Colton Arnold, Isaac Garnaat, Kendal Hightower, Jacob Morrow, Lily Morrow, Cason Darrow, Haley Hurst, Caroline Morrow, Nathan Prater, Briley Small and Braxton Cooley.

Third grade: Dakota Holland, Andrew Mendoza, Aubrey Turner, Emily Wood, Koda McDowell, Sarah Pham, Katelyn Fleming, Chaz Hernandez, McKenzie Marion, Caroline Moore and Seth Frisbie.

Fourth grade: Lillian Evans, Regan Neal, Maria Terceira, Dylan Cluck, Ashlynn Fincher, Kirsten Garner, Jordan Hightower, Rayden Mullis, Hayden Partain, Christian Wharton, Cody Dickens, Chenae Irwin, Jaison Black, Kylie Heckard, Aleah McAfee, Ransom Merechka, Jesse Morrow, Molly Self, Elizabeth Terry, Dominick Austin and Payton Wise.

Principal’s list

First grade: Katie Cureton, Brody Ewald, Ruby Lalonde, Chasyn Oden, Katie Snodgrass, Isabel Torres, Lydia Small, Audrey Chaisson, Lily Holcomb, Charles (Isaac) Irwin, Annee Jackson, Rose Lalonde, Isaac Moses and Jessie Emberton.

Second grade: Rayce Bruce, Knowlton Christian, Gabriella Sisemore, Matthew Stewart, Joshua Vanwinkle, Andrew Staggs, Gracie Templeton, Laila Adams, Hailey Cook, Kalisha Goff, Serenity Johnson, Xander Jones, Brianna Tuck and Addy Willet.

Third grade: Seth Adkins, Emely Ferguson, Koda McDowell, Dawn Thacker, Madison Wertheimer, Matthew Holthusen, Lindsey Cook, Ross Rice, Montana Wesley, Levi Johnson, Bryce McCune, Justus Thornbrugh, Audrey Wells, Angel White, Molly Wiggins, Austin Bentley and Isaac Newton.

Fourth grade: Gatlin Bailey, Hayden Fleming, Jamie Jordan, Darryl Kattich, Josh Roam, Taryn Turner, Juline Rowe, Jolie Brake, Gavin Decker, Tayleign Estes, Sierra Hurst, Mattison May, Christopher Ming, Tyree Mongold, Madison Wesley, Jake Self, Jayme Hild and Taylor Henson.

Honor roll list

First grade: Aiden Andrews, Aedan Jones, Ethan Sindle, Gracie Dunn, Paige Cluck, Alyssa Giannetti and Emmalee Sheppard.

Second grade: Rebekah Brown, Jasmine Flores, Makayla Holthusen, Xaine Kaylor, Alayna Newton, Maddison Buford and Alyssia Sargent.

Third grade: Jordan Chavez, Hayden Miller, Dona Sevenstar, Cody Surls, Kristyn Cagle, Kylie Murray, Bradlee Blankenship, Kaylee Gates, Tannah Larue, Kayla Workman, Dominic Bailey, Braylee Crossland and Lane Hightower.

Fourth grade: Colby Maxwell, Jordan Moore, Ty Skelton and Nathaniel Smith.

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