Self-defense class

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<p>Lindsey Hobbs prepares to clench Officer Chris Ho’s neck and throw a knee to his chest. Then she will throw him to the ground and finish him off. The girls wanted to do it again the next day, but Coach Brandy Mosby could not find any willing people to put on the Red Man Suit.</p>
<p>Blake Shelly was one of three girls who has been anxiously awaiting to let Coach Drew Cone , assistant principal, have it all year. Most of the girls stopped when the perpetrator in the Red Man Suit was down, but Blake just had some anger she needed to work out.</p>
<p>Ashley Heckard and Detective Randy Allen in the Freshman Academy’s self-defense final.</p>
<p>Lindsey Hobbs gets a pep talk from Detective Randy Allen.</p>

For the past four semesters, the Van Buren Police Department has partnered with the Freshman Academy to teach a self-defense class to girls in physical education classes.

The classes was started in September 2012 by Detective Randy Allen and some of his women students from Summit Medical Center.

Since then, Allen has enlisted School Resource Officer Chris Ho and Tate Elementary School nurse Rachel Bond, one of Allen’s students, to help teach the class.

“The class has grown, and we are considering doing a class after school next year for teachers and maybe even high school girls, as well,” said Coach Brandy Mosby. “We are so thankful that Tate Elementary School lets us borrow Rachel every Tuesday morning and that Chief (Kenneth) Bell lets us use his department for this amazing class. It has really increased these girls’ self esteem and their confidence.”

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