Earth Day celebration at King Elementary

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<p>photos by TANIAH TUDOR</p><p>Ally Smith, a volunteer from Van Buren High School, paints the face of Aryn Silva, 6, a first-grade student at King Elementary in Van Buren for the school’s Earth Day celebration April 22.</p>
<p>Teacher Lacey Thomas hands out pamphlets with games and information about bees to her first-grade class as they listen to T.C. Long, a member of the Western Arkansas-Eastern Oklahoma Beekeepers Association, talk on the important role bees play in food production.</p>
<p>Ryan Pearson, a volunteer from Van Buren High School, encourages Zoe Yandell, 6, as she pitches a plastic container into a recycling bin as part of a basket shooting game for Earth Day at King Elementary.</p>
<p>First-grade students raise their hands to ask Paul VanLare with GrowFresh Organics in Fort Smith questions about soil, rocks and all other basic principles of growing plants.</p>
<p>Volunteers Adan Flores (left) and Dalton Clark, both seniors at Van Buren High School, lower the bar as kindergarteners play Tree Limb Limbo at King Elementary.</p>
<p>Abigail Cervantes, 6, takes a free pine tree from Ron Hestir, director of telecommunications and sustainability for Nabholtz Construction, who hands out the trees with Travis Bartlett of MAGH Architecture Firm under a pergola their two companies helped make possible.</p>
<p>Joe Hamilton, a park interpreter at Lake Fort Smith State Park, plays the banjo and sings a song about clean water.</p>
<p>Earth Day at King Elementary in Van Buren</p>


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