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View from the bottom rung - May 28, 2016

May 28, 2016 4:07am

The landscape had so radically changed that without a frame of reference the exact site of the old school house would have been impossible to determine. Even the outline of its foundation, wiped...

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View from the bottom rung - Feb. 6, 2016

Feb 06, 2016 5:05am

A few weeks ago I wrote an article which I titled the “Liars Club” about the pervading dishonesty of politics up at Washington, D.C., especially that of the Obama Administration over the last...

State Capitol in review - Feb. 3, 2016

Feb 03, 2016 2:14pm

According to the Arkansas Education Department, there are eight academic subject areas this school year in which the state has a shortage of licensed teachers.

That means qualified teachers...

Legislative digest - Feb. 3, 2016

Feb 03, 2016 2:13pm

Since many of you will be filing your taxes over the next few months, we want to remind you about legislation passed to help protect you from unnecessary fees and fraud.

In 2009, the General...

View from the bottom rung - Jan. 23, 2016

Jan 23, 2016 5:05am

Another year done gone, two years older. Say hey? But as anyone fortunate enough to have lived long enough to be called a relic of a bygone era knows, a year chips away at a man’s stamina and...

Legislative digest - Jan. 20, 2016

Jan 20, 2016 5:06am

Children with special needs have gifts and talents. Our challenge in education is to ensure these students have the tools to unleash these talents and reach their full potential. Close to 12...

State Capitol in review - Jan. 20, 2016

Jan 20, 2016 5:06am

The enormous Powerball prize generated record sales of lottery tickets in Arkansas and increased income for college scholarships.

However, legislative leaders said they would take a long...

Another perspective - Jan. 16, 2016

Jan 18, 2016 10:29am

Meet the Bundys. Cliven Bundy is a rancher who has refused to pay his federal grazing fees for over 20 years while ignoring court orders to remove his animals from federal lands. According to the...

State Capitol in review - Jan. 13, 2016

Jan 13, 2016 10:20am

The secretary of state’s office has issued new rules for groups that want to place ballot issues before voters in the November general election.

The rules reflect changes enacted by...

Legislative digest - Jan. 13, 2016

Jan 13, 2016 10:19am

Losing weight is the most common new year’s resolution year after year.

For our state as a whole, we do not just see this as a one-time resolution. We have a 10-year plan to encourage and...

Letter: Thank you

Jan 13, 2016 10:18am

If only I could find the words to tell so many friends and family what the outpouring of love, food, cards and courtesies have meant to my family and I. You carried us through a very heart-...

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