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Column: Yeah, I’m getting older, not sure if I like that

I thought this was going to be hodgepodge of stuff, but it turns out, I more of a theme going on than I had intended.


I’m about to start reading David Zirin’s “Brazil’s Dance with the Devil” about the social, economic and political impacts of staging world sporting events have upon countries. Then on Thursday morning I was engaged in a conversation about the economic impacts of stadiums.

Sure, grand stadiums are fantastic. There are amenities afforded to the larger stadiums that you can’t get at the smaller ones.

I’ve watched the Cowboys play at both Texas Stadium and in the AT&T Stadium. I’ve been to games in War Memorial at the UA-Fayetteville’s campus. Perhaps the best things about those venues would be the food and drink.

However, give me cool October night in Van Buren, Alma, Mountainburg or Cedarville to watch a football game on a Friday night, and I’ll be a happy guy. As I get older I find myself in more appreciation of the little things, the nuance of events rather than its pomp and circumstance.

Social Media

A buddy of mine pointed out that this past week was the 20th anniversary of what be the beginning O.J. Simpson’s notoriety.

It was commented that it was perhaps a good thing that social media didn’t exist back then. The level of insanity that pervades social media today would have certainly have caused a meltdown of the Internet back in 1994.

Then have the whole thing drag on for nearly 16 months until the trial was finished. Which means that there will be 16 months of people declaring O.J. guilty before the final verdict would be read.

I don’t know if I’m becoming more jaded, lazy or apathetic, but I like to hold off my outrage for when it really matters.

Perhaps, as I increase in years I’m no longer willing to sweat out the small stuff.

New Beginnings

My youngest decided to give basketball another try after being away from it for two years.

She attended the Lady Pointer basketball camp for the first time and has rekindled her interest in the sport. I have brag a little about her. On Wednesday, she went to an open gym session at her middle school for an hour, then she did basketball came for 2.5 hours. That evening she went to martial arts class – that lasted an hour.

I don’t know if I would have been able to handle that much activity over the course of a day.

Both of my kids have attended summer sessions at Girls Inc. for a number of years, but between sports camps, practices, band practices, band camps and going to visit the grandparents, that’s going to become the new norm for my house.

I’ll have to brag about my oldest too. She’s been stricken with allergies for the past week. She’s been a trooper.

Yeah, I’m going to be one of those parents constantly shuttling kids around. Not looking forward to it at all. It just means they’re getting older, which means I’m getting older. I’m not a fan of getting older.

“Be the ball.”